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Kenny | 23 | Bull City 919 | Rollin 30s on my nayborhood shit Fuccs wit me

I don't want to see the world go soon But with such a beautiful girl in the room I want to be up in you when the world go boom

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When the sundress is 2 sizes too small and she got a phatty


When she take off her panties and it smell like  Vanilla scented candles


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remember when the teacher dragged a tv on wheels like this kind of thing


and you knew it was gonna be an awesome day

is anyone on here even old enough to remember this?

jfc i guarantee 80% of the kids on here even like the 13-14 yr olds recognize this
why do old grimy shitbags think that being born from 1988-1994 confers upon them special forbidden knowledge??

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all i have is low self esteem and good taste in music

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